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Attention : Gaborone Campus Students

Following an assessment of  the campus Covid- 19 situation on the ground, Management agreed to exercise caution and bring students back to campus in phases. The risk is still high and the following steps will ensue:
  1. On 12 April, 2021 we are bringing back students engaged in quantitative/practical modules that necessitate face to face interaction as captured in the attached document.
  2.  The Health and Wellness team will monitor cases on campus and advise on a regular basis. This will inform the return dates for the other groups of students which will be communicated in advance.
  3.  The Health and Wellness team will provide reorientation of students in all classes on covid 19 preventive measures.   
Please find attached the document listing priority groups to return for face to face interaction next week. All other classes continue online until further notice.

Lets continue protecting ourselves from COVID-19