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L4M1 and L6M3 Webinar

L4M1 and L6M3 Webinar

by Thabiso Mothoeng -
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Good day,

After our successful webinars on exam success , the members/students showed much interest in having another module-based webinar. I’m pleased to say we will be hosting another 2 free webinars to all the members and students to our region. Before we do that, we need the members and students to provide us with some practical questions so that the webinar is as practical as possible. The webinar we will be hosting will be for L4M1 and L6M3 , the decision was based on the webinar feedback survey results.

 Kindly share the link below with all your Level 4 and Level 6 students. It’s a very short survey which will ask them to share any module specific questions they want the facilitator to address. The deadline to submit questions will be Wednesday 08 November 2023.

 For these two webinars to be a success and for them to be impactful we will need your support in spreading the word. Kindly forward the link to as many Level 4 and Level 6 students.

I will be sending out the Webinar invitation on Wednesday , the webinars will be on Friday 10th November 2023.

Link to Pre webinar Survey :